Project name: Evertherm-Geo
Programme: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Project lead: Evertech Energy Systems AB
Project partner: SDC Automation AB
Project purpose: development and demonstration of Evertech’s digitalised energy efficiency and energy recovery system solutions
Project cost: SEK 9.5M

Co-funding from the ERDF: SEK 4.7M
Project start date: January 1, 2018
Project end date: December 31, 2020

Under the auspices of the “Evertherm-GEO” project, Evertech Energy Systems AB, in co-operation with SDC Automation, will optimise, demonstrate, and validate a new technology for geothermal borehole energy charging, based on Evertech’s energy collector technology and SDC Automation’s digitalised platform and control system solution.

With Sweden’s total production at more than 12 terawatt hours, geo-energy is currently the Nordic nation’s third largest renewable energy source. The most common geo-energy resource in Sweden is geothermal energy. Due to ageing boreholes and more efficient heat pumps, borehole depletion is a growing problem. This project will demonstrate, optimise, and validate a technology that makes it possible to replenish boreholes with the help of air and solar heating. The project will be conducted under the auspices of the on-going ERDF Ecofast initiative. In parallel to the system solution being tested and validated, the project will include an information campaign to increase market and users’ knowledge of the new solution. The initiative will include an energy conference in conjunction with the project site. The demonstration and conference will contribute to establishing a long-term energy testbed facility in Övre Norrland, northern Sweden, and will create national and international interest in Övre Norrland as a northern testbed for the development and adaption of energy solutions of the future for cool climates. The findings of the project will form the basis of the commercialisation of the new system solution for the global market.

Against this background, the project will test, optimise, and validate a system solution for the electrical charging of geothermal boreholes. The system solution will be demonstrated in conjunction with the on-going ERDF Ecofast project and will complement Ecofast by providing a geo-energy component.

The project will evaluate the new technology, in part as a free-standing technology to improve the efficiency of renewable energy recovery; and partly as an integrated element of complex system solutions designed to improve energy efficiency in buildings to reduce the need to purchase energy and reduce buildings’ environmental impact. The demonstration has three main aims: to enable the optimisation of the technology; to conduct a transparent external validation of the technology; and promote information dissemination to simplify replication across the energy sector.

The project will:

  • Demonstrate the new technology’s energy potential for property owners and project managers
  • Optimise the technical solution
  • Conduct a transparent validation of the new method
  • Develop knowledge surrounding the installation, integration, and operation of the new technology
  • Create national and international interest in system solution through a targeted information campaign
  • Establish a reference site for researchers, project managers, property owners, and developers

The demonstration will result in a reduction of the references site’s use of purchased energy and is expected to contribute to the establishment of a northern Swedish testbed for the development and adaption of renewable technologies for cold climates. In the long term, the ambition is that the project will result in a technological solution that will be able to impact the entire region’s use of renewable energy and reduce the region’s use of purchased energy.